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Gun Trusts help you follow the law in North Carolina while passing on a gun collection or sharing NFA guns. Your family can easily inherit or share guns without worry about probate or other governmental interference.

With a gun trust, there is no need to worry about what will happen to your gun collection or registered NFA guns. You may worry that if you can no longer care for your guns, they will fall into the wrong hands. However, with a trust, your guns stay safely protected, owned by the trust you create. 

Protect Your Guns

Often, guns fall into the wrong hands after death. The last thing you want is trouble with the law or family strife. Consider these scenarios to avoid:

Probate: Without a trust, guns pass to heirs in the public probate process. With the value and extent of your gun collection public, your heirs may argue over decisions made in your will. This type of family discord can get ugly fast. 

Government Confiscation: Upon your death, your guns could face governmental confiscation. The executor of your estate by law must report unregistered NFA guns for confiscation by the ATF.

Felony Charges: When someone who legally can’t own a firearm takes possession of a gun, they could even face felony charges. Possible reasons for felony charges include:

  • An heir who inherits an NFA gun they don’t own
  • A friend who borrows an NFA registered gun
  • A spouse who inherits your NFA gun
  • A felon heir who accepts a gun inheritance
Protect Your Guns
Protect Your Loved Ones

Protect Your Loved Ones

Creating a gun trust for your collection protects the guns you cherish and your family and friends from unknowingly committing unlawful acts.

Legally Share and Inherit: With a gun trust, you can name friends and family as co-trustees (co-owners) of your guns. A co-trustee may borrow or use the firearms in the trust legally, even if the weapons are NFA registered.

Prevent Public Inventory of Your Guns: Protect your family by not letting your guns go through public probate. Valuable guns open to public view could end up stolen.

Keep Family Members Content: Don’t let loved ones argue over inheritance decisions in your will. Litigious individuals can waste estate assets in frivolous lawsuits. With a gun trust, knowledge about your guns is only need-to-know.

We Understand Your Need to Protect Others

Gun ownership is a constitutional right. Weapons ensure your ability to protect your loved ones. Gun ownership is also about passing on the tradition of caring for your family, no matter what it takes. Your family’s protection comes first.

During political or economic turmoil, we see individuals need to protect their loved ones. During the crisis in 2020, federal background checks for gun purchases were 20% or higher each month than in the same months in 2019.

Americans who own guns understand personal responsibility for protecting loved ones. Opening a gun trust can safely pass your tradition of protecting and serving down to future generations.

We Understand Your Need to Protect Others
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